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The College Career Strategist


If you are looking for a proven college admissions consultant who can help your teen one-on-one with admittance to highly-selective colleges and career opportunities and find the most generous schools for financial aid and peace of mind for you, you’ve come to the right place. 

Since 2009, scores of teens and their relieved and happy parents have engaged Elizabeth Venturini, the College Career Strategist to get accepted to their dream school with the confidence of knowing that a well-paying career is also on the horizon. 

Using her proven marketing and PR expertise, Elizabeth guides students to present themselves AND gain admittance into competitive schools such as Harvey Mudd, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Cal Poly, Northeastern, Tulane, University of Washington, and University of Michigan, to name a few. 

Experience by Doing It – Reading About it Doesn’t Count   

Elizabeth was one of the first college admissions consultants to focus on the need for students tohave a college career plan BEFORE entering college – not AFTER. Elizabeth developed a unique way for helping students select their dream schools and college majors for future employment. From her work experience as a senior marketing executive at Fortune 500 companies she understands the skills sets employers want in new college graduates. She incorporates this “inside perspective” by helping teens create a solid college career plan so teens will know how to present themselves to college admissions team and to future employers. Hearing teens say with big smiles on their faces that they were accepted to their dream school and graduated with a marketable college major has earned Elizabeth the trust and respect of parents worldwide. 

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

Moms and Dads can feel confident knowing that Elizabeth has the education and experience to guide them and their teen through the college admissions process. She received her certificate in College Counseling from UCLA and is certified to administer the most respected career assessments. She is also knowledgeable with the financial aid process to help parents select schools that provide the most generous financial aid. 

Known for her “Get Into the Right College” Expertise

Elizabeth’s expertise has been showcased in hundreds of prestigious media outlets for her sassy sound bites including: The Chicago Tribune, The Sacramento Bee, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Desert Sun, Yahoo News, CareerBuilder.com, MSN Careers, LA Parent, OC Parenting and Daily Parent just to name a few. 


Elizabeth would love to be the person you trust to help guide you and your teen through the college admissions process and the rich life that you envision for your son or daughter. Let’s continue the conversation in the manner that suits you best. Call (949) 636-9055 or email Elizabeth@collegecareerresults.com


* All services are provided in accordance with the ethical standards and practices set by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC).

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