Tiger Mom Wisdom:

U.S. College Admissions Success through Creativity, Character, and Community

You are a member of a very special sisterhood. You are a HuMa—a Tiger Mom!

You have a unique style of forming your student’s competitive spirit and directing their lofty flight to academic excellence. In a COVID-19 world that has turned college admissions upside down, you are ready to give your child the best possible college education in the United States. How will you accomplish this?

Meet Elizabeth Venturini—your Tiger Mom sister and the author of Tiger Mom Wisdom: U.S. College Admissions Success through Creativity, Character, and Community. In her book, Elizabeth combines the personal qualities desired for admissions by American universities—creativity, character, and community—plus the tried and true values of discipline, hard work, education, and achievements respected by Tiger Moms just like you.

Tiger Mom Wisdom: U.S. College Admissions Success through Creativity, Character, and Community is your college admissions guide with the vital insider information needed for students to gain admittance to the most desirable American universities. In this ever-changing future of college admissions, may your student graduate and enjoy a career with happiness, confidence, and ease. Take this advantage to turn Tiger Mom Wisdom into action for you!

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Venturini is the author of Tiger Mom Wisdom: U.S. Admissions Success Through Creativity, Character, and Community. She has more than 30 years of marketing, public relations, and writing experience. Elizabeth is also the owner of College Career Results, a college consulting business and is a recognized expert in private college admissions consulting. She has been printed in major news outlets and publications such as the BBC News World, U.S. News & World Report, China Daily, The New York Post, The Chicago Tribune, and the Boston Herald. Elizabeth is also the author of Letters From A Korean Foxhole: Remembered Words of a Forgotten War. For more information contact Elizabeth at Elizabeth@CollegeCareerResults.

Maria Elizabeth Venturini

From the Author

If you are reading this book, you know it is you who will be helping make the most important educational, career, and life decisions with your student.

Through the original Tiger Mother evolution came you and your unique style of preparing your student for college and their future career. You are the new version of a Tiger Mom— “Tiger Mom 2.0.”

American moms view higher education as one of many options to be successful in life; Tiger Moms believe higher education is THE most important way for their children to be successful in life.

Reviews From Readers

Elizabeth’s book is not only full of practical tips for aspiring parents but also delves into the cultural differences between Chinese and American parenting styles, so “Tiger Moms” on each side of the Pacific can learn from each other.

Lia Zhu

China Daily




June Wang

President and Owner, SEED™

The most comprehensive guidebook about college admissions and future career preparation for college-bound students and their families. The first book talking about Tiger Mom Wisdom—a bridge between Eastern and Western education philosophy.

Jin Wang

Founder, Elite Express Edu (Liumeitong)

Tiger Mom Wisdom provides lots of solid advice for any Chinese parents who would love for their child to attend college in the United States. You need to be informed when navigating this tricky path and this book will definitely help.

Lynn O'Shaughnessy

Higher-ed Journalist, Speaker and Educator, The College Solution


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Maria Elizabeth Venturini
Tiger Mom Wisdom: U.S. College Admissions Success through Creativity, Character and Community

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