Welcome to College Career Results

When families want the best college admissions, essay, and career help, they use our programs to get RESULTS!

Welcome to College Career Results

We Help Stressed-out Parents Who Want College & Career Solutions For Their Students That Pay Off For a Lifetime

Since 2009, scores of high-achieving teens and their relieved and happy parents have engaged with College Career Results, to get accepted into top tier colleges with the confidence of knowing that a well-paying career is also on the horizon. Using our proven marketing and PR expertise, your teen will learn how to present themselves to gain admittance into the most competitive schools in the United States such as Harvey Mudd, UC- Berkeley, UCLA, Cal Poly, Northeastern, Santa Clara University, Tulane, University of Washington, and University of Michigan, to name a few.

Under our expert guidance we gladly support parents who only want to hear three happy words from their college-bound teens, “I GOT ACCEPTED” from their chosen schools with a college major that can earn them a living when they graduate.

With College Career Results by your side you will:

  • Cut through the college admissions “chatter” and the marketing hype from college brochures so you can make good $100K to $260K college investment for you and your teen
  • Get your teen’s “college juices” flowing (even if they think they know it all) so they are prepared for college, can still enjoy being a teen, and you can just be the parent instead of a “nag”
  • Skip the admissions drama and instead have a results-oriented game plan to help get your teen admitted to their chosen schools
  • Receive more than 38 minutes of yearly college admissions help from your high school counselor to help get your teen admitted to the top schools in the US
  • Find the most generous schools for financial aid so you know what to expect before you fill out the applications or sign the tuition check

Our programs guide you and your teens through the college admissions process so they have the best college experience that you always dreamed for them.


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Tiger Mom Wisdom: U.S. College Admissions Success through Creativity, Character and Community

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Read what happy students say about College Career Results

I have so many wonderful choices.  And to think when we first started I only wanted to apply to one school. Now here I am 7 months later and look at all of the schools who want me! Yes, it all paid off and I am also very surprised at what I’ve accomplished.

Student, La Quinta, California

My acceptance list is crazy long, and I am still trying to sort out what I want to do next year! What do you think about all of this? Thanks again for your wonderful support along the way!

Student, San Francisco, California

I want to thank you for helping me so much throughout my college journey.  Without you, I would have been clueless about what to do.  I believe a large part of why I was accepted to my dream schools is because of your guidance.

Student, Desert Hot Springs, California

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