Juniors – Nose to the Grindstone

Ready to help your teen get serious about college without being seen as a “nag”? This is the package for you! College Career Results knows most busy parents are juggling work and family and just want to be the parent – not a college admissions expert. With our guidance you will have a personal college career plan to evaluate and select the best college and college major for your teen, and the best financial fit for you.

The Juniors – Nose to the Grindstone Package will help you skip the college admissions drama and have a results-oriented game plan to help get your teen admitted to their chosen schools, including:

  • Identify your teen’s interests so they channel them toward a marketable college major
  • Investigate colleges that provide the most financial aid before you visit and commit to schools
  • Build a list of colleges with the programs to support your teen’s chosen college major; any one of which your teen will be happy to attend
  • Brainstorm the best essay subjects and how to get letters of recommendations that make your teen sizzle
  • Prep for PSAT/SAT/ACT tests and test dates so your teen is not overwhelmed with studying for tests and keeping up with school work.

This highly supportive program includes:

  • An interest assessment that will show your teen what makes them “tick” and how to target their interests towards a college major and career (BONUS: includes an electronic and hard copy personal summary of your teen’s interests)
  • On resume session to create a resume that your teen can use for internships, part-time jobs, or for community service
  • Weekly “Get into the Right College” sessions based on your teen’s personal needs and your financial needs
  • One BONUS – “Show Me the Money” session to find colleges that provide the most generous financial aid and “calculate for me quick” financial aid templates to crunch the numbers on how much you will need to pay for college



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