Late Bloomers – Get Ready for College

Face it. Some teens are “late bloomers” when it comes to preparing for college.  This package is for parents and teens in their senior year that are under-prepared for the college process and NEED HELP NOW! Elizabeth has you covered and will get you and your teen up to speed fast with the college application process so you both don’t make any costly college mistakes or miss time critical deadlines.

Late Bloomers – Get Ready for College package will get you and your teen out of PANIC MODE so the two of you can make the best college decisions:

  • Identify your teen’s interests so they channel them toward a marketable college major
  • Research and select colleges based on your teen’s needs and your financial ability to afford
  • Review SAT/ACT tests so your teen is not overwhelmed on test day and underperforms
  • Brainstorm with your teen essay topics that could only be written by him or her
  • Show the “value” the students brings to the college with all college applications
  • Evaluate how much financial aid you can expect from chosen colleges before you fill out the college applications

This highly supportive program includes:

  • An interest assessment that will show your teen what makes them “tick” and how to target their interests towards a college major and career (BONUS: includes an electronic and hard copy personal summary of your teen’s interests)
  • “Helpful Resources” to build a college List 42 page E-Book to evaluate colleges before your teen applies
  • Access to test prep instruction for either the SAT/ACT/TOEFL with a leader in the test prep industry to help students prepare for admittance tests  (separate investment determined by the vendor)
  • 60-minute sessions to brainstorm, review, and critique a rock star essay with a story that could only be written by your teen
  • Weekly tracking of all your teen’s college apps and supplemental documents so your teen doesn’t miss any important deadlines
  • An “EFC Cheat Sheet” what you need to know to pay for college and “Tools to find Generous Colleges” handouts on the schools that offer the most generous financial aid and the ones to avoid

This investment is will guide you and your teen every step of the way with the college application process and GET THE JOB DONE (and still allow your teen to bloom).

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