Essays and Prompts and Supplements! Oh My!

“If I had only known . . . .” is a frequent saying among parents who have recently gone through the stressful college admissions process especially writing essays, prompts and personal statements. For stressed out Moms and Dads new to college admissions College Career Results is here to help you QUICKLY get up to speed with her  Essays and Prompts and Supplements! Oh My! package:

For parents who want their teens to be admitted to a highly selective school the college essay that “knocks it out of the park” can be a great tip factor. The problem is most teens do not realize the college essay is more than just a writing assignment by the college.  And depending on a high school English teacher to help  your teen write an essay is not the best strategy.  If you want your teen to quickly grab the attention of a highly selective school then work with an expert who knows what the schools are looking for! The essay package will help your teen write a unique essay with a story that could only be theirs for admission to the most highly selective colleges including:

– Understand who is reading their essay and how to make themselves likable to the admissions team

– Don’t go there – LAME topics to avoid (“The Day Fluffy Died.” “The Big Trip,” “How I Scored the Winning Goal,”) and why avoid them

– Show your teen how to write an essay to ENGAGE the admissions team instead of having them read a term paper written for an English 101 class

– How to develop a “mundane” topic to get your student’s essay in the “YES” pile

The essay package includes:

– One 60 minute discussion on what top tier college admissions reps look for in an essay and how to grab their attention FAST

– Three 60 minute discussions to brainstorm possible essay ideas to help your teen’s essay go from B-O-R-I-N-G  to Rock Star status

– Six 60 minute proof-reading and review sessions (UC prompts, Common App, Supplemental Essays) with a published author and essay expert to help your student get past writer’s block

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