Freshmen and Sophomores – Up and Running

Want to cut through the “college admissions chatter” on how to prepare your teen for college? Don’t panic. Help is close at hand. College Career Results knows many parents are concerned about when and how to start the college admissions process. We are here to help you lay the groundwork so you can develop an agile academic and extra-curriculum platform for your teen.

The Freshman and Sophomores – Up and Running Package will show you how to help your teen prepare for college while letting your teen still enjoy being a teen, including:

  • Plan an academic program for admittance to college to keep you and your teen from having to scramble to make up classes in your teen’s senior year
  • Identify your teen’s interests so they can channel them toward extra-curricular activities they will love
  • Create your teen’s resume so your teen has a track record of highly desirable accomplishments to show future college admissions teams

This highly supportive program includes:

  • An “academic landscape” session to review what public and private colleges require from incoming students and how you can prepare your student ahead of time
  • An interest assessment that will show your teen what makes them “tick” and how to make the biggest impact with their interests (BONUS: includes an electronic and hard copy personal summary of your teen’s interests)
  • A resume that your teen can use for internships, part-time jobs, or for community service work
  • One BONUS – “Show Me the Money” session to find colleges that provide the most generous financial aid and “calculate for me quick” financial aid templates to crunch the numbers on how much you will need to pay for college
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