Seniors – Final Stretch

Congratulations! You made it to your teen’s senior year in high school.   College Career Results created this package especially for you – to give you peace of mind that you did everything you could to get your teen admitted to a great college. And your teen will know the pride of having worked to present their best self by their own definition to their chosen schools.

The Seniors – Final Stretch Package will keep you and your teen on track to manage the application process and meet all those important deadlines including:

  • Plan SAT/ACT tests and test dates so your teen is not overwhelmed with studying for tests and keeping up with school work
  • Identify your teen’s interests so they channel them toward a marketable college major
  • Create your teen’s resume so they have a track record of highly desirable accomplishments to show future college admissions teams
  • Show the “value” the students brings to the college with all college applications
  • Brainstorm with your teen essay topics that could only be written by him or her
  • Learn how to evaluate how much financial aid you can expect from chosen colleges before you fill out the college applications

This highly supportive program includes:

  • An interest assessment that will show your teen what makes them “tick” and how to target their interests towards a college major and career (BONUS: includes an electronic and hard copy personal summary of your teen’s interests)
  • Weekly tracking of all your teen’s college apps and supplemental documents so your teen doesn’t miss any important deadlines
  • Sessions to brainstorm, review, and critique an with a story that could only be written by your teen
  • “Speak to Impress” admissions interview with the number one Google ranked college career strategist
  • Weekly email support with brief check-in for feedback, questions or “I’m stuck and need help” research on college issues
  • Bonus One: “Helpful Resources” to build a college list” 42 page E-Book to evaluate colleges before your teen applies
  • Bonus Two: “EFC Cheat Sheet” what you need to know to pay for college
  • Bonus Three: “Tools to find Generous Colleges” handouts on the schools that offer the most generous financial aid and the ones to avoid
  • Bonus Four: “What you need to know about scholarships” handouts and how they can affect financial aid for easy reference
  • Bonus Five: College Career Results, “54 Tips to Set the Stage So Your Teen Launches Fabulously in College and Beyond” (e-version) for busy parents



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