For Corporate Clients: A Unique Work Life Benefit for Employees

More than a cool cafeteria and free tickets to the movies


Here is a unique voluntary work/life benefit to give employees a personal lifeline so they feel well supported and served in a powerful way.

If you or your employees have college-bound teens the next couple of years will be some of the most stressful years of your employees’ lives. As an employer, you can help decrease your employee worries so they stay focused on their jobs instead of taking on a second job as a college planning expert.

CollegeCareerResults provides a unique work life benefit to relieve the pain of stressed-out, time-starved, and high achieving parents who want the best college and career options for their teens. By providing college admissions and career path counseling as a work life benefit you can compliment your current higher education reimbursement and continue to show you are a unique place to work.  It is a win-win benefit for everyone in your organization.

Oh . . . and did I mention this benefit is FREE to the employer.

This would be a great benefit for the coming year by turning parents’ angst into optimism knowing there is help close at hand to properly launch their teens from high-school to college. Please contact CollegeCareerResults at 949 636-9055 to arrange for a complimentary 30 minute presentation at your facility.

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