Take the Reality Test

How to Avoid the ‘Boomerang Kid’ Effect
for Your College-Bound Teen

My teen is a late bloomer and doesn’t know what s/he wants to do with his/her life
My teen thinks s/he will “find” him/herself by taking many different classes when they enter college
My teen doesn’t know the average amount of time it takes to graduate from his/her selected colleges
My teen doesn’t know how to apply his/her interests toward a college major and a future career
My teen hasn’t investigated the best colleges for his/her college major
My teen doesn’t understand s/he has to stand out when applying for college or a job

My teen hasn’t researched the resources of the college career centers and doesn’t know how many students have a job when they graduate

My teen hasn’t investigated college majors and jobs for those majors and doesn’t know where to find the projected rates of employment for those jobs for the next four years

If you have more than one check mark you know it is time to take
action and call me now (and please know that you are not alone in this process).

There are a lot of parents today that are worried about their college-bound teen graduating with a degree in a field that will be able to land them a good paying job. The good news is there is plenty of time to get this train back on the right track. Some of the things you can do right now whether you work with me or not are listed in my booklet “54 Tips on How to Set the Stage so Your Teens Launch Fabulously in College with Careers They Will Love.”

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And if you know it is time to bring in the
reinforcements let me make it easy for you.

Contact me at Elizabeth@CollegeCareerResults.com or phone me at (949) 636-9055 for your Failure to Launch-Not an Option complimentary strategy session. I would love to be the person you trust to help guide you and your teen through the college admissions process, the selection of a career path, and the life that you envision for your son or daughter.

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